AHD:Erasure Media

The badges for ArtHackDay:Erasure were iteratively designed over the course of a few weeks. This process included exploration of many different designs. Central themes to the design exploration were:

  • Subtractive blending
  • Multiple incomplete layers combining to create a whole
  • Generative design to allow each badge to be unique

The badges were created in Processing and exported to PDF. They were printed on one layer of heavy card stock (110lb) and one layer of transparency. The layers independently are hard to decipher, but together expose the participant's name. If you rotate the cardstock layer upside-down, then the name of the event is exposed (as seen in the header).

The pamphlets needed to include the event schedule, contact information, WiFi connection information, and a list of sponsors. It was layed out so it could be quickly folded and handed to participants without needing to cut or bind the pages. The booklet was laid out using a custom Processing sketch derived from the Sensory Aesthetics Zine 1